Houses with court

back to the roots, im back!

A wip of my actual project, some houses with a court or something similiar.
dont really know how i could name it…
no textures no materials, two days of work at this time (about 10h)
modeled with blender

fullsize image on deviantart:

this link works…

updates coming soon.


So here is the next update:
i textured all the plants in the scene, added some minor details.


WOW, this looks astonishing! Very nice indeed. I like the newspapers :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks DDD :slight_smile: the newspaper can also be found in my first big scene “narrow street” i like them too :stuck_out_tongue:

so here are the first texture attempts, brickwall and concrete.
i dont like the top of the wall, the beton doesnt look wine, but ill change it later on, i think



Wonderful. You chose a still life. It really is your strength. The tree in the background is impressive. Generally I like the plants.

wow! this is really good :slight_smile: I like the overall design of the scene and I really like the plant life. How did you do the ivy and little plants by the base of the house?

the little plants are from a game project of mine, still lowpoly but perfect for a big render :wink:
the ivy is done with the ultimate ivy generator :wink: google helps :stuck_out_tongue:

so here is the next progress.
uv mapping of the right house is in progress, texture is to clean an too even(?)
ill add some more higlights to the texture.
hope u like it :wink:
full view


Naw dude, this look really good

Very nice work, I like the textures. I don’t want to sound like I’m knit picking but if you are going for photrealistic there are 2 things that caught my eye and take away from the realism. The stack of newspapers are a nice touch but something seems off with them, too boxy looking I think and too clean need some wrinkles and creases where the ropes are, and the tiling of the brick is showing where it meets the eve of the roof, got a little stair stepping to it. Other than those two things it looks totaly awsome, I like it.

thanks billie :slight_smile: ill change the papers later, i fixed the boxy looking things there, it is a modeled thing, you can often see such “senseless” blocks at this kind of houses.
update with new textures.


hello Ba user :slight_smile:
im back from holiday and worked a bit on this projekt.
added a lot of details since the last post here, i hope you like it.
i need some help in the upper right corner of the image, i dont like the colours of the roof, do someone have nice reference pictures? or ideas how to solve this problem? thank you

fullsize view


Wow that looks just great man!
Keep it going ^^

I have a question, how did you do the leaves for the plants on the house and the tree?
Manually placed? Script?