HOUSING: the inflatable home of the future


It doesn’t say these things are designed to be permanent but shows another use for inflatable technology (like for modules in space).

You can use them for emergency housing or pop up exhibit space and when you need to move it just deflate it and haul it away, it even comes with its own flexible photoelectric cells and batteries.

For emergency housing they do look a lot better then FEMA trailers.

looks silly to me. i am not much a fan of it. whats wrong with tents.


Tents are more complex and bulky to install and move. You have all the different metal tubes and wires and cloth to haul around which do lead to a larger cargo bulk.

But they do look silly or 80’s space age style to me. But Form over function in the case of emergencies and in art pavillion, you do restrict the sort of art that can be displayed in there, you wont be seing classic impressionsim in there lol

tents are easier to install than an inflatable thing which requires a generator, a motor/fan setup to keep them inflated… a tent takes bugger all time to set up.


Better not set them up in areas of high wind:



seconded. tents for lyf, homeboy.

lol (lots of love) my brother from another mother.

so when are us NZer blenderers getting together for a camping trip (i’d be keen for a tramp or something, it would beway better than a Blender trip where we have computers and stuff)