Hover / 2 wheeled racer..

Well II know im being kiind of annoying, starting projects and dumping them so quickly
but uhm
Ive started something that i am determined to finsish
Seriously determined

It is my own crationAkind of Hover/Racer shuttle thing
its not texturd yet and is fairly low poly
here is a cockpit vew…yes ill make the steering wheel bigger

Im calling it the Whellier3 because it is my 3d attempt

Critiuqe is welcome…seriously im not gonna kill the thread this time

New Rende

A side render with a new rearveiw mirror added[ATTACH]80606[/ATTACH]

do you have any conzept art or fotos?

Nope i dont have a scanner and as i said it is my own creation so i don’t have any photos to copy off of

Oh… sorry dindnt read it :slight_smile:
how did same one sit in your hower care?

Ahh sorry here we go , i fixed some more stuff[ATTACH]80635[/ATTACH]:o

Did some more work
Please comment[ATTACH]80637[/ATTACH]

ok better lighting now

Hey not alot of comments yet, have i not posted somethiing good

ohh looking good haha tho i thing it ewould look better with some reflections on the shader and maybe some curves on the model :wink:

hmm ok ill do some curves…you mean on the windsheild or on every thing when you say reflections



Better now ?


please critiqe
i subsurfed it and worked on lighting

Looks ten times better subserfed.

I don’t really have any critiques because your model is hard to see and you have not posted a wireframe.

Don’t get discouraged by not having many comments. It probably means your work is average. Nothing majorly wrong, nothing insanely outstanding.

I would recommend working on lighting and colors to make your car stand out better.


Looks much better subsurfed, and it is very hard to see any detail, can you render a turntable of it, and add some reflections to the materials.

Now I got it cool Idear :slight_smile:

Ok thanks guys heres the turn table http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eentxvgt9xQ

wow, that is a really fast moving turn table, it would be helpful if it were slower. (I’d scrub the time manually but youtube doesn’t let you see all the frames that way.) sorry to keep asking for views of it, but it’s got a very complicated design, which is making it pretty hard to see well though one camera angle.

ok, if you can’t take a very blunt reply don’t read on, I’m not trying to be mean, just trying to help you improve, and the best way I know how to do that is just kinda dumping exactly what I’m thinking out into text. also it might be a little confusing so don’t hesitat to ask me to explain or expond on something.

from what I can see it looks like you have something good going with it, I like seeing people who aren’t afraid to just make something, however, just because you know what it is doesn’t garintee that others will too, remember, you have been staring at this from multiple angles for a much longer time then anybody else will be looking at the final image, don’t asume they know what you do.
right now you seems to be making things easier for yourelf by useing fewer polys, but I think you’ve gone to low, it’s making it really hard to see what is what, the subsurf is helping, but some things are now just blobs because of it.
Lighting is better now, but the mattirals are getting in the way still, a good clay render will do wonders for everyone trying to figure out the model.
The Design…
umm… are there two sets of mirrors? and why are they green?
cockpit, I think I found it and understand the direction the craft faces, but I had to use the mirrors to figure it out. looks like you have both a stearingwheel and a joystick… another thing that would be helpful is to see a human sized block next to the craft, still not sure that what I’m seeing is a seat or not.

Well, if you’ve read all of this and understood it, congradulations! I’ve been out of town so I guess my itch for writing got botteled up a bit to long. Anyways, I’ll be around.