Hover bike concept

Hey Everyone,

Here is a model I made after ‘mucking around’ with blender for a couple of hours last night and this morning. It’s not finished yet, but it seems to be going along nicely, what do you think?


Looks pretty cool. Did you “muck around” anything specific?

Do you mean did I use a reference image? Normally yes, I would draw a (really crappy looking) quick sketch, and start from that - but in this case I just started with the all pervasive cube and went berko with extrude and subsurf for a couple of hours.

I’m a bit of a lazy modeller too, I don’t really care about the polycount - heh heh heh - I just know what I want it to look like. My theory is if the polycount slows your computer down - get a faster computer :slight_smile: (haven’t had to yet).

Ok, so maybe that’s not entirely true, I keep my underlying box modelling as clean and tidy as I can (otherwise you can end up down a dead end track with no way of getting back). But one of my favourite tricks/toys is the pillow emboss effect you can see all over the bike. Basically you select a couple of faces, extrude them in a bit, then extrude them back out again. Trouble is you pretty much have to run your subsurf at three iterations to get nice smooth edges on it which pretty much blows the poly count out.

Very good geometry. I like your concept. I’m looking forward to seeing it textured.