hover car wip

(NateTG) #1

I am working on this hover car wip for an animation I want to do. My intention was to make it look vaguely like a modern car, but still be futuristic.

what do you think? textures/detail incomplete.

(ec2) #2

Cool. It looks like it belongs in the movie Heavy Metal. Great start.

(S68) #3

Cool… let’s see…

what does it needs? doors perhaps?


(adyus) #4

lol, the way I see it, you started it as a ground car, but something went wrong and you decided to make it a hovercraft :wink: Anyway, looking good so far! I’d like an env map on the hood, though.

Keep it up! If you really want to get something cool out of your effort, you should make a really hi-detailed scenery for it.

(NateTG) #5

s68: yeah, it needs doors and windows on the side. I have to figure out how to do that as it is a low-poly mesh with a subsurf. Would you suggest texture or mesh detail for doors, windows, hood, etc?

adyus: no, I honestly started out with the intention of making a hovercar. really!!! :smiley: I had an environment map on it, but it looked bad because the stupid thing is sitting in a black room… what kind of env map should i have?

thanks for the comments!!

(Atariman) #6

Try using a picture of some clouds or out side picture for an environment map. As for the doors, I don’t know.

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(adyus) #7

NateTG, you can convert the low-poly subsurf into a hi-poly normal mesh by pressing Alt-C when out of edit mode. It says “convert to mesh?”. Actually, it makes a COPY of the object. I got really mad a while back because I kept pressing Alt-C and the low-poly meshwas still there! After converting, move the low-poly a little to the right and you’ll see the hi-poly mesh.

I suggest mesh detail :smiley:

(NateTG) #8

thanks for the suggestions, all. :smiley: