Hover craft


Some texture and lighting improvements

Hello hope everyone had a happy thanks giving.

Well this would be my first submission to the forums. try not to be too hard on my shining example of craptacular graphical glory. I did this bouncing back and forth from 2.3 and 2.27 as I was getting a feel for the new version. it took me about 10 hours from start to that last pic, but wouldn’t have took me so long if I wasn’t stuck with a machine running at 200mhz for the moment and other than sizing it down this is pure blender

adjust the lighting more, and dont forget too turn OSA on,
other than that, its a very nice image, you can also use auto smooth on alot of it

Excellent model k1lljoy - just the right amount of detail. I agree with skeletor, this model is sorely in need of autosmoothing. Your lighting is very convincing, and the only things throwing off the effect are the flat faces on the cylindrical thrusters and the dome/cockpit on the main fuselage. Enable autosmoothing on at least those objects and it will be a big improvement.

Now all you need are some particle effects and some OSA, to make this a winner. I would love to see this in motion.

This is what I have so far
I should have posted this earlier, but I didn’t have access to my home machine untill this morning.

Nice job. Looking good. I like the construction. Good textures.

i agree with modron, but u need to work on the lighting

I won’t be quite sure what I want to do with the lighting until after I add the particle effects.

This of course depends on how the light would cut through gases in the atmosphere … and given it doesnt look like earth … it could be very well lit ;

Kinda eri …
I like it :smiley:

The images are no longer coming through for me. :frowning: