Hover Cycs: Internals (WIP)

Ok this is a project that i have been working on for some time and figured it was about time to get serious on it and finish. Looking for suggestions on materials and the stuff that i need to model. Basically the concept is That this is a sort of flying car that is a motor cycle. I have quite a bit written up on the concept but it is a bit to much to post here. The look I am going for is a sort of drawn/cartoon feel because i plan on drawing over characters and possibly drawing in the backgrounds if i don’t get around to modeling them.

Some stuff i know i need to model is the oil pump/sump the alternator, no water system (fuel is coolant). Also their is the fan bit on the front that will push air under the craft. I am looking to get down to the bolts in detail on this model so i have a ways to go.

The exterior is going to be unibody and the lower part will actually hold all this up, but that is another project all together.

I am really unexperienced at rendering so any suggestions on settings are more than welcome. Might get around to labeling parts if that will help with suggestions.

*the engine block its self is off center, just thought i would mention that in case it was messing with anyones head. And if you really want to know all the fluff i can get you that.