Hover Droid - A game I made

Here’s a game I’ve programmed together with a friend of mine.
It’s made in C++ and DarkGDK. Graphics are made with photoshop and Blender.

Try it out! :slight_smile:
(Follow bellow link then click “click here to start dowload”)

Post your highscores and ideas for improvements here :slight_smile:

whaha, love it.
my score is 61 with luck.

Heh, fun game. Couldn’t get any higher than 88 though. The only way you can get a fairly high score is by being lucky to get a load of Slow powerups, the game gets way too fast otherwise.

I’ve gotten 162 points extreamly lucky, I got four +25 bonuses…

Anyway, I’m glad you guys liked it!

A sequel, mainly designed for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) is under work.

no version for linux ? …

Dark GDK is Windows only.


uncontrollable sobbing

edit: reboots lappy, switches to xP