Hoverbike 2016

Here’s the new hoverbike for 2016! The bike started in Modo then I transferred to Blender for detail modelling, cycles rendering and preparing for 3D printing. I’ve been blown away by the capabilities and community of Blender, looking forward to 2.8 and seeing where blender goes.

The bike was done in collaboration with a friend (he’s doing a figure sculpt in clay to go with the bike) We planned to have a 1/8 resin kit finished for DesignerCon in Pasadena, CA but ran out of time. Anyway here it is, I’ll be posting more as we print it out bit by bit.


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Man that’s beautiful.

I only really see two problems with it from a design perspective. First is that i don’t see anywhere for it to sit down on the ground. Either it’s burning fuel 24/7 just to stay aloft, or you turn it off and it settles down on the ground entirely though very thin and presumably fragile areo farings, which would at least mess up your paint. Needs some retractable landing gear or aerodynamically shaped rubber nubbins on the farings. The other thing i’d say is that there’s no visible power transmission between the core motor/generator and the hoverpod thruster things on the farings. Even just some thick high voltage wires clamped onto the carbon fibre struts would imply functionality and bring your eye towards the pods a little more.

Otherwise it’s utterly magnificent work, i’d love some more detail shots of it

very cool design and nice lighting :slight_smile:

I agree with Steve Harlow, and the fact that it’s a great concept and execution! Congrats.

Thanks for the great feedback!
added some wires to the hoverpads.

MmAaXx, Alanplanes Thanks!

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Really cool Vaughan- didnt realize that your pipeline was dipping into blender. Very cool!

Is that you Thomas?!, good to see you here :open_mouth:

Here’s some recent 3d prints of the bike.

Some progress on 3D printing

Ah, this looks so cool! I love the design of the bike, and the materials in the render. Great to see how it is transferred to 3D printing as well, I hope to gain experience in that myself one day. It must be nice to see something you’ve created on a computer becoming a physical thing. Looking forward to seeing more!

Hehh! :slight_smile:
I like it. Just one recomendation is color of the bike. I’d like to change something to yellow or red

Still needs something to land on. Making machines pop is is all about giving points of reference for people on how it relates to them. Stuff like handrails, steps, handholds, controls, little labels and so on are what turns an object from a thing that does stuff to a machine to operate. Plus helping with expressing scale 'n such. really small handrails and steps make something feel a lot bigger even if it takes up the same screen space. And correctly proportioned stuff like that jacks up the belief factor like hell.

Also the welding and discoloration on the exhaust type pipes on the main motor is excellent. I really like that

Maybe I’ll try something like this:

Finally got around to adding some stands and extra bits here and there:

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made a 60 second commercial

That’s amazing, looking forward to the final result when you put all the pieces together.:eyebrowlift:

That’s bloody awesome.


Thats some serious design and lighting skills you got there. LOVE how you revealed the bike in the opening shot!

Wow! that looks freakin awesome! I just started learning to design using Blender to also 3D print but I still have a long way to go. What did you print it with? FDM printer? Love to see more of your 3D printed work :smiley: :smiley:

Me too! It’s been months of troubleshooting the damn printer, but hopefully it will come together soon

Shurik Thanks!!
Habauk Thanks that was a fun shot! I was going for the uber dramatic car commercial look :slight_smile:
Reemaj - Thanks! This was printed on a homemade DLP SLA printer, using light to cure resin. I have some more 3D print stuff on my website www.heavypoly.com

Does anyone have tips on how to reduce noise on the carbon fiber material? The anisotropic texture was taking forever. My light for the scene is pretty thin also which I guess is a problem but are there any tricks to get this lighting with less noise?