Hoverbike concept W.I.P

Hi there this is my some long w.i.p project of hoverbike concept I’m working on.

Constructive critique and suggestions are welcomed :grinning:


Fantastic job you’ve done here. Looks pretty great. My suggestion would be to take off the rear wings. The overall design is compact and the wings detract from that compact design. My other suggestion would be a redesign of the thruster tips. I think a design closer a space shuttles boosters would be better. (Example below) Otherwise, I think you’ve done a fantastic job and can’t wait to see this with textures.2-massiverocke

amazing i can see youv added alot of details without the need for textures i can only imagen how will it look !!
i would like to suggest, to add more thickness to the turbos and exhaust,
from wher i see thy look like cordboards or popcorn boxs
the wings too alittle bit ,
but other than that i think its amazing

great hard surface model I can’t wait to see more…

Thanks for your kind words.Perhaps I will start actively working on it))

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Just checked this out, great design, I think it´s perfect, can´t wait to see this rendered with some sparks and flashes coming form those “hover discs” in front. :smiley:

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I’m glad, that you like my work.Indeed I will have to yet very much work :slightly_smiling_face: .
By the way about sparks and flashes around hover discs, you remembered ship from matrix :smiley: ?

Yes, exactly. ^^