hoverBOX creative Quick Tips

I have been compiling step by step instructions for my students and thought maybe some people here might benefit from them. I’ll keep posting them to this thread. You can check out my site at hoverboxCreative.com

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Learn how to make 2D art in Blender.

Modeling with modular in mind will help you in game development.

These are great tutorials… thanks for sharing.

You’re welcome. I’m glad they are helpful to you.

Check out my Premium texture tutorial for only $10. You can help the development of more free and premium content for less than the price of a movie ticket:D

I haven’t create many tutorials for a while because I’ve been waiting for 2.8 to get closer to release.
In this video you will learn how you can use Blender like Substance Painter.

That’s great… thanks for the tutorial.

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I finally have time to make more tutorials. Here is the latest one on creating an animated hovering shader.