Im getting bogged down trying to tackle big projects when i should start with small ones. I wanted to do a pod racer hovercraft type race game where the vehicle is a few feet up off the ground at all times. How do I accomplish this? Thanks. Also on a side note, how can i have it where the objects on the side of the track take damage away when you hit it? Im sure its the collision sensor but not sure how to implement. Thanks.

very easy, just move the origin of the mesh down a bit, or the model up a bit on editmode… and there’s lot’s of ways to simulate damage… don’t ask me how though :wink:

press do fh on your object
give the ground a material
press the DYN button (near the HSV and RGB buttons) to get to the dynamic properties
press FH norm
set FH forceto 0.5 or so
set dist to 1.0 or higher (depends on size of vieichle)