The so dubbed “hovercycle” is now pretty much complete:


Now I have to get an environment for this thing. I am thinking of having it over water speeding toward a bay area. Or something…

Anyway, C&C is greatly apprieciated at this point


how about some lamps?

Nice modelling… from what I could see, anyway. Give us a little more light so we can make out the front. It looks a bit plasticy (plasticky, plastic-like… is there a correct spelling for that?), but I don’t know if that’s what you’re going for.

Keep up the good work!


Work on the detail a little and the lighting, other then that it looks pretty good and nice work on the steam coming from the bottom.


Cool! I remember making a hovercycle once… :slight_smile:
Good lighting and awesome flames… :smiley:

Really good design on the so-called hovercycle. The spec spots on the floor (near title and in front of vehicle) annoy me though… Also, it seems a little bit uncomfortable to ride on. And, correct me if I’m wrong, but there seems to be nothing to allow it to brake and accelerate (pedals or something).
I’m looking forward to seeing this in an environment. I also like the “flames” (as lemmy put it; I have no better word for them)… Nice reflections too.