How 2 Apend one mesh instead of 10 meshes, 4 surfaces etc ?

(davejumpers) #1

So with the append function, you have to go through Meshes, surfaces etc, and append them one at the time.

Is there a way, I can bring the whole Blender object as it is in the other file to the one it’s going to be appended?

I thought maybe converting everything to a mesh and them join them together would work, but It deforms the objects to “blend” them and then it srews up their own axis.


(theeth) #2

you can select more than one object (you should import Objects btw, not just the mesh data. it’s better that way, unless you know what you are doing) by holding shift and draging with the right mouse button.


(davejumpers) #3

hehehe damn, how come I didn’t try that


(davejumpers) #4

OK I did it.

The way it works for LINUX is by right clicking all the objects you wanna append, and then the button LOAD Library.

2.23 does not append in LINUX , i had to go back to 2.22