How about 2.49 demo files?

I just had a thought!

With blender 2.43 there was two zip file with demos (on the right in the download section on for the game enigne, one for graphics and one for physics. Since 2.49 is going to be very GE centred, how about a new pack of files?

If not, we could always try to get have a collected blender artists example collection in the resources section.

It would be nice to have one zip file to point newcomers to, and for reference of all the new features.
updated the list, x = uploaded, - = not yet uploaded, notify me if I missed something.
If I were to suggest examples (out of files I have downloaded here):
[-] cubemap (martinsh will look over/optimize and post)
[x] multiple shadekeys (post #10)
[-] Filters mountain (SSAO, Godray and stuff, marinsh super scene (martinsh will look over/optimize and post))
[x] Color IPOs (post #6 and post #12)
[x] Lamp Color python (post #14)
[-] Fake SSS skin shader (vitorbalbio will post)
[-] Water reflections (vitorbalbio will post)
[-] Multitone car shader (vitorbalbio will post)
[-] X-ray shader (vitorbalbio will post)
[-] steep parallax map
[-] parallax silhouette (martinsh will look over/optimize and post)
[-] iterative parallax map
[-] relief map (martinsh will look over/optimize and post)
(maybe the last four combined in one file)
[-] Video Texture /w mirror
[x] Nodes (post #12)
[x] Draw line (link in post #14)
[x] 3rd person template (
[x] Servo demo (post #10)
[-] input text
[x] Modules (post #15)
[x] Soft bodies (post #12)
[-] New python API example (a few old methods, their warning and how to find the new replacement)
[x] Occluders (link in post #14)
[-] States

  • New bricks (delay, tap, set parent)
    [x] set mass (post #10)
    [x] add dupli group (link in post #14)
    [x] add object (link in post #14)
    [x] camera group (link in post #14)
    [x] compound (link in post #14)
    [x] ghost collision (link in post #14)
    [x] ipo add (link in post #14)
    [x] modifiers (link in post #14)
    [x] sensor physics object (link in post #14 and #21)
    [x] physics constraints (link in post #20)
    [x] new parent options demo (#post 20)

That’s a good idea! Even just listing all the new stuff in one place is so helpful.

Anyone interested in helping out with this? (gives more time for devs to fix bugs, so dont be shy!)

I’d be willing to do a couple of bits of this eg servo demo, states and maybe occluders,the tap sensor and the sensor physics object as soon as I figure out how to use it (which I’m doing now)…

Anyone else willing to help with this?

I will start this evening.

I can’t really do any GLSL stuff, I made a colour Ipo demo though, with instructions.

I also had some other examples on my computer if you want those:

  • a tile based A* demo
  • an example of rotating an object with the mouse


colour_and_alpha_ipos.blend (185 KB)

Sounds great. Can’t wait. I think game blender could even use a whole new window with more complex property oriented logic rather than object oriented. Would make some things a whole lot easier, and save lots of inefficient clutter. Would be very useful for making more complex things like A.I at least a bit better without using too much python. Just a thought.

If people want to make demos and post on this thread I’ll go over and collect them together.

If you update an existing blend please be very clear where it came from and what you changed.

If you dont have GLSL, there is quite a few logic changes in 2.49rc3 too.
as well as updating python scripts to the new api.

good idea.
I will revisit my demos, fix and optimize stuff and post them here.
…as soon as i get HDR and SSGI in Game Engine.

Here a first few.
Servo Demo - what it sounds like, created by ben when it was brand new.
multiple shape keys - don’t remember who made this
mass - I created this example of set mass.

I had some troubles with set mass at first, I’ll try to see if it was a bug or just me.


mass.blend (539 KB)

:smiley: that was me.
Here’s another, feel free to use whichever one you want, and fix them up if you want to.


multipleShapeKeyActions3.blend (219 KB)

Some more files from my download folder.
Color ipo’s, some cool node thing. And a soft body demo, for making cloths.


cape_demo.blend (217 KB)

soon i will post these here:
“Fake SSS”, “Multitone Car Shader” , “X Ray Shader Material” and “Water Reflection with wrap and alpha”

Sweet, with you and marinsh posting your own stuff and bens 10 example files ( I think we are starting to get somewhere!

Edit: dfelinto posted a nice demo using BGL.glReadPixels to get the colour behind the mouse.
Then it’s using this color to change lamp color.


lampRGB.blend (96.3 KB)

Heres a demo of python modules in 2.49 - from the blend…
This script is accessed by a python controller as a module
there are some advantages with this method of execution…

  • Scripts can include multiple functions with different controllers accessing each (3 in this example)
  • The module scripts can be an external text in the same directory as the blend file.
  • External modules can be edited and saved without restarting the game engine when the ‘D’ button is enabled.
  • Executing a module function is faster then running the script every time.
  • Global variables defined outside functions are calculated only once rather then every time the function runs.


bge_module_example.blend (138 KB)

Would it be possible to add a line under or over the script line with Path?
if empty it assumes the file is in the .blend’s folder, otherwise it looks in the folder/path specified.
like “scripts” or “…/scripts”

Here are some suggestions from a new Blender user.

Very recently I started using Blender after the upgrade it got with Apricot. I started trolling around these forums and was blown away by all the great things being scripted. Problem is, the great stuff is all over the place. It can be a bit of a pain for a noob to implement and use them.

It would be nice to download the demo file and have a base scene that references them all with libraries set,
One that includes a camera with mouselook assigned to it,
base Light Rig with shadows set up,
And all the other cool scripts that have recently been created, etc…

It’s easier for new users to mod existing content then create a whole new project.

This way a new user could better learn the ins and outs and maybe more quickly give back to the community.

As well this way there might be a good set up used by the entire community which could in turn make sharing easier, because of a common user set up.

Just a suggestion

@Sim88, Originally I made blender look in “./scripts” a bit like how many games have “./textures”
where the blendfile was in…
However this is a bit arbitrary.

A nicer way to manage this is with python packages

This way you can import the directory as if its a module, Look up py docs on how to write a package, but basically just needs to import ‘’

Then the py-controller module can use the string

Even though this seems a bit complicated Id assume youd only do this in bigger projects where 10+ scripts are going to clutter your directory.
In these cases setting up a python package is no bug deal, I tested this for YoFrankie and it works well.

I never knew about the new option on the script controller, thats very neat. I’m confused though, is cont automatically passed through?

It seems so. And it works great!

Edit: OP is updated with uploaded scripts and promised scripts.
(And I thought I posted my question in the other thread about modules, this thread should be for posting demos and questions about them. So lets keep the thread clean of other stuff. I don’t want to start a bad trend.)

Edit #2: Here is a demo of the new parent options by kirado Maybe this thread should be moved to resources now that we got some scripts?
And Erwin posted this:


Parent_ghost_velocity_bug_test.blend (503 KB)