How about a nice big bowl of you soup?

Another from my “Hunger” series. Pure Blender 2.44.

Thank you for considering my work,


I think some SSS in the "sauce’ would help. It’s too opaque right now.

Mmm, Mmm, Good!

I dont know, maybe it is just me, but to me the soup looks like a jelly.Is that a liquid you use or mesh??
If you want to make it more realistic, make the spoon more dirty , coz you will have to deep it in the bowl before you take some soap (also make a little drop or something)

The things in you soap also dont look right…they are hanging on the top of the surface like something that you put the afterward…and they are TOO perfect. Make it part of the soap and not that shiny, change you shading as well…that black shade from your things in the soap doesnt look right. Do you use OA??
I might be sound too critical…but thats what jumped to my eyes first…

Your soup in spoon skill sare not up to scratch, i’m afraid, atleast you didn’t include text in the steam. Its still very good.

I’m interested, is your steam a modified version of the fire shader from your buring of the golden bull piece?

Thanks for the posts!

Some quick answers to the technical questions:

No SSS. Yes on AO. Shaded/textured particles + curve guides + buffered shadow lamps (on separate layers) for the steam – a comparable particle setup used in my “What’s In Your Stomach?” piece, which is also from this series.

This is just a figurative series, and I’m more interested in any comments on the ideas or interpretations of the piece at this point.


I like the concept, and the title makes it all that much better. Quirky.
Obviously you have some soup-to-spoon transition issues, but it’s not major. Anything else I can think of has already been mentioned.
Nice image!
And congrats on breaking out of your style. (IMHO of course).