how about a tutorial challenge?


Would it be worth while having a weekly tutorial challenge? Possibly bi-weekly, monthly…

Each challenge could have a specific techneque to demonstrate, e.g. vertex parenting, uv texturing, IK, Hair Guides, Fluid Simulation, etc. and the over all theme of the tutorial would be left up to the submitter. As long as the tutorial clearly demonstrates the technique somewhere within it would acceptable.

The format of the tutorials could also be targeted toward the blender wiki. In this way we could flesh out the thinner parts of the documentation.

Just a suggestion - comments, ideas?

It is a good idea.

As far as tutes go, I am heading up the new Communioty Journal, which will include a tutorial section. The tute section will be done in the Blender wikibook so the docs continue to increase. I wanted this from the start, as I feel this is the best place for them to be.

Keep your eyes open for it soon. :o


Where should you post a tutorial in general? Is there a general place where tutorials could be submitted? Or is it alright to post a new topic and using imageshack when posting pictures for the tutorial?

I imagine this will be set once the Community Journal’s tutorial section will be open for submissions.

That’s good news BgDM - seen it! looking great btw

To clarify my reasons for a tutorial challenge …

(1) Focus community on areas that actually need documenting - a project management technique if you like. I don’t think people get too inspired by - here are 100 techniques that we need tutorials/demonstrations for pick one :wink:
(2) provide a variety of tutorials for one technique - not just to have one defacto, vanilla, ‘not quiet what I was looking for’, etc. tutorial. The community is quite inventive and, I am sure, would throw up a good number of ideas around one technique.

I think this is an exellent idea. I would like to write tutorials for Blender (in the Wiki), but I haven’t gotten far enough yet. Someday, I’ll be known as “TutorialMan”.