How about some Dracunculiasis?

WARNING: Not for the squeamish!

Don’t drink the water in Sudan!

Wow… this is horrible. I guess when there’s no clean water to drink you have no choice but take the risk. People shouldn’t have to live like this.

I wonder if this was named after Dracula?

Well they could get smart and BOIL it. You cant tell me they cant start a fire. I dont mean to be rude to the less economically sucessful countrys but I mean thats common knowledge.

Those things got to be pretty tough if they can survive the acid in your stomach. Boiling might not kill them either. But the site does mention a chemical that can be used to treat the water and also that the fleas can be filtered out.

If you’re really brave, you can do a google image search for “guinea worm” to see what it looks like. Pretty gross, though. You’ve been warned.

If you’re really really brave, you can do a google image search for “elephantiasis” [!]

sick :-? throws up

omfg. how do they walk?

with Elephantiasis? I do not know… when its that big, there’s no hope. cut it off. yes you know what it is.

I would assume they would have some sort of cuticle protecting them from acidic liquids, but extreme heat is different.

Feeling brave? It’s disgusting.

That is just sick. I remember seeing something about that on dicovery or something and they where poping these things out like blackheads.

Ugh… thanks for the horrible visual. :-? :stuck_out_tongue: