How about this lol Its a house.

Hey all this is a house i want to build to symbolize B.C. times homes. I am trying to create a mini movie about Sodom & Gommorah. C & C very welcome.

Looks interesting. Add a better background and some moonlightning perhaps. Could become something very sweet.

the house looks a little flat. maybe add some bump mapping to the walls. it looks promising tho. :slight_smile:


yes, and better lighting

Seeing as you have said you were working on a sodom-type of city, it seems to me that the rocks are of the wrong type. You will have to forgive my faulty memory here but the rocks you are using are not normally found in desert enviroments, you would have to use a more sandstone type of rock if not adobe bricks.

Althiom the picker of nits.

Actually as soon as i posted this and left i thought of that. I will change the building but i do want the building to be different from the rest so you can tell which house Lot lives in. I will try moon lighting and the background will be filled by the rest of the city. So it is still work in progress and thanks for c&c.