How access to methods of generated objects

how I can run or get to the method and function inside generated objects ???

Note: the generated mesh(Cube) has a script which has a method in side class called move !

this is pretty simple to do

here is a blend that shows how to do it.
mutate-KX_GameObject.blend (518.8 KB)

Thank you very much for your reply and I`m sure this Technic will help me a lot’s in the future. But I looking for a way to call a method and pass some parameter"s and information from a spawner directly. (if this way exist )

use object properties. do obj["prop"] = thing where obj is the newly created object returned by obj = scene.addObject()

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here is another way.

mutate-KX_GameObject-WASD.blend (513.0 KB)

the reference to the spawned object is stored in the Mob class, that gives access to the spawned objects attributes from inside the class.

while True:
    print('Thank you !!!')

good trick