How Alchemy serves/benefits Blender?

I was seeing a video where a guy made a sketch in Alchemy and then sculpted it by Zbrush. But Zbrush is a proprietary
software. And when the guys were making Sintel, they used alchemy. I guess they didn’t use any Non-Open source software in that whole film. So the alchemy somehow benefited them. I guess to make the dragon’s face or something - No idea. The question is HOW? How alchemy can serve Blender?

Alchemy is just a drawing program. It allows sketching, brainstorming, concept art stuff to be done really quickly, freely, and creatively. It can give a concept that can then be realized in 3D using any modelling program you’d like.

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And the sculpting thing? as I saw with zbrush. Can blender do that?

Yes. on the forum, search for “dyntopo” for the more recent additions to sculpting workflow. Other than that – just go to Blender Cookie and search for sculpting.

You gave a treasure link :smiley: Thanks a lot:)