How am I doing ?

Well, one of the goals I’m trying to accomplish is to create a full figure model without 3 sided poly, I haven’t adjust the head yet, but I had adjust the other area around the body, such as the back, hip, legs, crotch.

One of the biggest problems I’m facing is those damned tri and would like tips on how to correct them.

Well it looks good overall, but maybe the body and head are a little… mismatched. The head is of maybe a 8-10 year old, but the body is not. Good modeling tho, but I see a tri about 5 polys above her belly button, and about 2 about 10 polys bellow as well. Also a few tris on her butt.

okay, i know you can read the information post at the top of this forum.

we need more information, such as goals, your ideas for improvement, and what you see that needs specific comments on.

Sorry, was a little over excited, I added some info at the top.

Those hands look far too small. On the average person, the hand when spread out is roughly the size of the face.

ok any other comments ? Any hints about the tri ?

Keep those comments comming, don’t leave me in the dark please.

I’m no expert in character modelling, but one major flaw/area that coule be better, is that there is too many poly for nothing.

If you comprare the arms with the legs, I would say the arms are way better modelled.

All along the leg you have too many loops, you could merge a couple one and still have the same shape. I’d suggest doing so, since it will be easier later on to tweak or add details. If you start with alot of vertices, you’ll end up with a crazy un-editable mesh.

Ok, made some updates, made the hand bigger, fix a area by the knuckle, work on the thumb some.

I merge a few vertexs on the leg so there’s fewer

Did alot of work on the ass.

Besides the head, any more comments ?

Its improving, i think you could still use a lot less vertices, you seem to have a ton of redundant vertices which don’t seem to contribute that much to the overall shape. The foot looks werid in topology, not sure if a radial a circle on the heel fo the foot. Also the back of the legs looks a little sloppy. Keep it at it, your stuff still looks better than a lot of my attempts at the body. l

I’m just curious to know what you plan to use this for once it’s all finished cause I can’t image too many things that would require you to model the anus and vagina, usually that is all covered up by cloths, etc. If it’s for a medical movie then I understand, or if its for some porn site, but anything else and it’s just added verts you don’t need.

Looks pretty good the the overall model, there are just minor detail type stuff in the face and extremities that need working on but that will come I’m guessing. Keep it up!!

Yea, I do make it hard on myself for some reason, I try to use less vertex but when I model I tend to model “EVERY” bump and curve, so I end up with more vertex then needed. Also need to keep in mind that this model will be all quads, but I had learn a lot of tricks that’s the up side.

As for what it will be use for, well, I would like to put it up on the Bmr site, I’m also would like to make a alternative model for the makehuman project some day.

I could use it as a adult type of art, but don’t worry, you will never see that on this forum. Besides it’s better to draw my feelings then to rant about it, eh ?

Oh, someday I would like to share my knowlege and hope others can learn from it.

Well tris are not that evil. But if you want to get rid of them, I use 3 methods:

  1. Tris => quad by cutting with the knife tool around until I hit the end of the edge loop. Disadvantage is that you could introduce extra unwanted geometry

  2. Collapse tris by merging all the vertices of the 2 edgeloops it is connected to (I think that in 2.40 alpha you can select 2 edgeloops and collapse them)

Disadvantage, you can lose already carefuly modelled geometry.

  1. Use spin edge and merge vertices to migrate tris until it is out of sight, or disappears.

toontje, could you post a few image, so we may get a better idea ?

Here’s a update, did some working on the face and head, it’s alot better but something just doesn’t seem right to me.

She kind of has a neandertal looking brow line. Very thick and very square, and it’s hard to see it untill you look at it from the 3/4 persepctive then it jumps out at you. She also has no temples, if you come off from the side of the eye there should be some roundness to lead back to the ear, yours is very angular. Nostrols could be pinched into the cheek a bit more. Mouth could be a bit wider, putting the ends just under the middle of the eyes. Keep it up!! :slight_smile:

Here’s a update, merge a few vertexs, widen the mouth, raise the cheek bones, temple, chin.

still have the massive frontal head lobes that make it look neandertal. Perhaps someone else could better describe how to fix it, if they see it as well, perhaps it’s just me but the brow line up looks totally wrong.

The face is very masculine for a female body, i.e. wide set jaw bone and chin, wide set forhead and eye sockets. Perhaps slim it up a bit to help flow with the contors of the rest of the body.

No offence, but your buttocks is horribly modeled. The entire hip and ass topology needs reworked for proper deformations, if you were concerned about animating this model. Make sure you keep smooth edgeloops on every part of the body. It will pay off in the long run.

Another thing I just noticed is the ear lobe. It has no antitragus. The lobule is usually flatter and doesn’t curve into the ear until after cresting over the antitragus, the small tubercle the extrudes from the center of the ear.

Here’s a referance from Gray’s Anatomy (one of the most respected anatomy books by medical researchers):

I know the ass and hip is bad, I will remake it in a different project, when you say slim, how should I do that, by scaling in X axis or by smooth method ?

Ok, did some more work on the face, I hope it’s ok, cause I’m really stress I might mess it up, anyways, I use the same file name to save space.

Anyone know how to get Yafray to recognize blender built-in texture ?