How am I going to rid of this sharp edge

So, I am trying to render a model of a simple crucible. But I cannot get rid of the hard edges on the left and right bottom. I fear I am doing something boneheaded, but lack the experience to figure out what.

First attempt, the hard edges are quite apparent. Although I like the kind of flat edge on top, you can clearly see the individual vertices on both the bottom and the top.

Second attempt, I tried to subdivide the model, had some improvement, it’s more round on top, the vertices are less visible. But still, the edges left bottom and right bottom are clearly there.

Last attempt, I read on the form that increasing samples in the render Sampling settings, might help. I upped it to 1024 samples from 128 it was. Better looking colors, but still those edges.

What I am doing wrong? I’ve set the model to smooth shading. I am using Cycles renderer.

Also, the blender file for reference


RenderTest2.blend (1.4 MB)

Ah. The .blend was provided at last…:wink:

Sorry, only allowed three attachments per post. You were faster than I in reply’ing

I think it’s best to start again with this model…
For some reason you seem to have applied the Subsurf modifier, leaving you with an extremly dense mesh that’s near impossible to work with.

Next time use as little geometry as possible:
The easier the mesh will be to control, as you don’t have to deal with so many vertices. And then let the Subsurf modifier take care of the smoothing.

Also: The entire bottom of your mesh is one big n-gon (polygon with more than four vertices). Those are OK when used on perfectly flat areas of the mesh. But you want that area to smooth out. So at least add a series of edge loops there to have something to form the smooth edge.

Left: New mesh (210 vertices + Subsurf level 2) / Right: Your mesh (around 10,000 vertices)

You can always add additional edge loops in areas you want sharpened.

Thanks for the tips.

Yeah, that was one of the things that failed, adding to the mesh. I’ve included the original model, I started with a circle and extruded that to the basic crucible form. Then used a Solidify modifier to make the walls thicker. I’ve included the blender file from before I started subdividing.

There are two models, in one I’ve replaced that n-gon. I am understanding correctly now, that to get it to render better, I need to apply a subsurf and then render?

RenderTest.blend (572 KB)

Edit: Result of the subsurf render, still kinda edgy

Edit2: Also, before I did only subdivide, not subsurface.

Okay. I am starting to think I have no idea what subsurf actually is. I’ve tried what you told me, but my model nowhere near looks as nice as yours.

I started with a circle. Extruded up, scaled a bit bigger. Extruded up again. Added thickness and then added a few loops. But it looks like there is some yellow force field about it when I select Subdivision Surface, and I can’t find a level thing. Now I am on Blender 2.78a, that does seems a tad bit old. Could that be it? Or is there something else I am not getting.

LowVert.blend (543 KB)

What the subdivision surface does is smooth out the mid point between two edges/vertices. Easiest way to see what it actually does is add just a simple plane to your scene. Then add ( not apply ) subdivision to it and watch how the shape of the plane changes. Now if you in edit mode with all 4 verts of the plane selected press W and select subdivide and watch how the shape changes. Press W again and see how the certified are getting closer to one another and now it starts to resemble more of a square and not an oval. I am on my tablet or I would post images showing this so if you need the visual of what I am saying I can post images showing when I get back to my laptop.

Okay. That helps me understand what subsurf does. Thanks.

Unfortunately, I still get no further with smoothing out that cup crucible. I’ve seen awesome renders from others, but somehow I am failing at rendering this basic thing.

If I add a ball, then subsurf that and render, it looks okay. But somehow, my model doesn’t. It’s getting slightly better. But still feel I am missing something.

this is basic model to do

here is example with simple model in file
did not use any bevel anywhere
add it to get proper shape as desired

happy bl


bowl-crucible1.blend (753 KB)

Here is your crucible with one edge loop added at the interior of the bowl towards the top. And a HDR environment to help with lighting. It is only rendered out at 128 samples as I am on my potato laptop and using version 2.78. So this is just a crude example of what just lighting and something to contrast the main object can do to make a single object lean towards the better side.

Also Blender guru did a beginners series tutorial and I am pretty sure if you follow that you will be able to create bowls, plates, and cups without any issues, handles or no handles.

Much appreciated all. Thanks.

This what I got after using the various tips. Extra nod to FlyingBanana for explanations on the side as well.

Now on to the fluid parts. Since that’s a completly different topic, I’ve made a new thread:

Glad to see it helped. Looks a lot better. Now you can only go up from there. Can’t wait to see more of your progress.

Thanks again. I’m trying.