How am I suppose to do this?

I’m having plenty of trouble trying to unwrap this part of the side walk. I created the “cul de sac” by using a circle mesh and extruding. I tried unwrapping it, and it came out round. Of course the side walk texture is straight, but I have no idea how to atleast make the texture round so I could fit in the uv map. I also created the texture in photoshop. Is there any way i can solve this?


When you UV unwrap the ring in the UV editor, straighten out the polygons so that they form a long rectangle like your texture.

Steve S

i did but the texture ended up even crazier than in the photo

This is about the best you can do. More subdivision would add more control. I actually only did half of the circle then mirrored it to make it easier.

woah nice job! did you extrude the circle? and move the uv into a rectangle?

I started with a circle, then extruded out. I removed the one side as well as the bottom faces to make it more like what you have. Then I UV mapped from view looking straight down.

Then came the fun part of lining up the UV mapped vertices into a rectangular strip. This would be the actual time consuming part, based on how many faces you have to line up. Make sure all the rectangles are approximately the same size to keep the texture from being stretched. THen I mirrored the other half of the sidewalk to save half the UV editing time.

There is some minor stretching of the texture, but such is unavoidable.

Actually, that part can be done with a few mouse clicks:
a) Select all polygons.
b) Hit U > Follow Active Quads
c) Click “Ok” to accept default edge length mode (Length Average).


Yeah, this works great. Just unwrap a single face; turn it into a rectangle of the appropriate size; then select the rest of the geometry with your already unwrapped quad as ‘active’ and unwrap as follow active quads.