how am I texturing this wrong?

I paid a member of the blender forum to create a helmet for me. I am happy with the product. This is it:

The only thing missing is the “anti” sign around the lemon and the bolts on the edges of the helmet (but is included in finished version).

After purchasing it, this is the folder I received:

here is a short video made of me trying to apply the textures to the model to make it look like it does in the first image.

after I render it, it comes out to be this weird purple color here:

as you can see, there are different pictures in the folder I received and tried using each of them but the result is the same. I asked the author of this, but to be honest I didn’t understand his answer.

can anyone helm me make it look like the one from the dropbox link?


Looks like it is not finding the UV map for the texture. Have you opened the node view to have a look?

are you talking about the node editor when you say node view?

yeah I think he does :wink:
wondering if the artist made BI textures ? (not that it matters lol )
in node editor you should have (at least)
image input ~ diffuse~ output (if image input is missing shift+a texture/image) connect it to diffuse
make sure image path is right in image node(reload if in doubt)
is a good idea (not always needed but ) add a texture coordinate connect the uv out to vector on image node

hope that helps can make pics but will be dif images etc :wink:

Yeah. The default color when you have an image node hooked up is purple. If Blender can not find the image it shows purple. I have had this happen with a png that had transparency. But you are using a jpg looks like. So you could try to open that image in an editor and save it out as something else like a tiff or tga (24) and see what that does. It could be that the image is corrupt. I don’t think it has anything to do with the UV because it would attempt to map it another way and Cycles is very straight forward with that and it will find the UV by default.

The other time I have seen this happen is when I have two duplicate objects on top of each other. One gets the image and the other does not and it shows through.

Another thing to check.

that did it! I took each jpeg, put it into gimp, turned them into .tiff files, then went back to each image texture node, replugged them back in and got my result. thank you so much!