How are dimensions for added meshes made in Edit Mode?

How are dimensions for added meshes made in Edit Mode?

If I Add an object / mesh in Object Mode, say for an example a circle or cube, I can define their dimensions explicitly at the time of creation or change them later using the Transform Panel. However, if I Add another mesh while in Edit Mode I have yet to find that same chance to define the exact dimensions. Is it even possible to do while Adding a mesh in Edit Mode?

As a work around I have tried explicitly defining the second mesh in Object Mode and then Joining the two Objects into a single Object; however, got undesired results later when applying Modifiers.

Thank you for any reply.


You can set the dimensions just after creating your object from the Tools shelf [T] or by pressing [F6]. You can set at least rotation and size for most of the objects so that you don’t need to rotate, rescale and apply the changes. As I said, for most of the objects. The plane and the cube, for example, don’t allow you to change their size this way.

Thanks Kaluura!

I kept looking for what I thought that I had seen before… and kept overlooking the (collapsed) Add dialog.