How are people adding and removing clay with + or - only?

Hello Blender noob here !

==my short story==
(I’ve been using it for years but I still think I am a noob … I still have lot of things to learn)
I am familiar making objects and I have no trouble at making objects most of the time.
and now I am trying to learn the “sculpting”
(When I first learnt Blender, sculpting was in another level for me
I thought it was something not to touch before learning the basics of blender
I felt it was difficult cuz I didn’t know what’s going on xD and time has passed and now I know
the basics of blender and now I see what people were doing in sculpting now)
==story ends==

So… I was watching some tutorial videos about “sculpting” and I see some people
adding / removing clay with + option
adding / removing clay with - option

I don’t understand how they are doing it
because for me, when I select a tool, lets say the “draw tool”
to add the clay with “draw tool” I select the +button activated
to remove the clay with “draw tool” I select the -button activated

Ok, I understand whats going on
" + " is add
" - " is remove

but when I see some people’s tutorial
I see some people removing with + activated and now I am confused
I don’t know how they are doing it, its not they are using some shortcuts
to switch from + to - or vice versa but I see them with + activated and removing the clay wtf lol…
(since + is activated, clay should be added not removed isn’t it ? but its actually removing)
(they are doing this regard of any tool, they remove the clay with draw, inflate with +)

So I want to know how they are doing such a black magic.
Any lay of hand would be really appreciated thank you for your time !

Well, changing the direction from + (add) to - (subtract) is kind of a nuisance, and you’ll end up spending lots and lots of time just to sculpt the simplest of objects.

You can always use CTRL command to reverse the direction instead. So if you’re on the Add mode, when you hold CTRL, you’ll be in Subtract mode, and if you’re on the Subtract mode, holding CTRL will make you in Add mode.


OMG I was so stupid thank you
since we don’t have an eraser with “CTRL”
in weight paint, texture paint, vertex paint
I did not think that CTRL would invert add to substract in sculpting mode
this was the answer what I was looking for thank you !!

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Sir, may I ask you one more simple question please?
It seems like using any brush with Shift Key
does give some smoothing effect on the surface
Am I thinking correctly sir ? (I mean, pressing shift + any tool gives always smoothing effect)
example : infalte + shift = draw + shift

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Sure. The Shift key actually activates the Smooth Brush, but only when you’re holding it. So no matter what brush you’re currently using, the Shift key will turn it into a Smooth Brush, but only while you’re holding it. Once you release the Shift key, it will go back to the brush you’re using before.

That’s basically the way to do it, because I imagine that to go back and forth between the main brush and the smooth brush for the entire sculpture is quite tiresome of a task.

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Thank you very much Sir Sandtail !
Your answer was the answer what I was looking for
That’s what I wanted to heard and confirmed to you !!
Now everything is clear like the pure ocean to me
Thank you very much for your help and I wish you a nice day !!

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