How Are Remixes Made?

I was recently listening to some remix music on the radio, and I noticed that they get only certain tracks (like the voice, or drums) but leave out the rest. I know they didn’t do it in a sound editing application, so I was wondering where did they get the original seperate tracks to certain songs? Where can I get them?

You know, I’ve been wondering about that too.
Of some songs I’d like to have an instrumental version (without the vocals), but I never really searched for a way since it’d be a waste of time.

Record companies /studios don’t “record” in “mp3 /CD” quality.

The format they originally record it in is at a much high rate and each bit is seporate. They simply get a hold and use this format. That said, it is still possible to edit parts out on a mp3 but isnt perfect as you can guess…

Where can you get them? not a clue (other than the record companies)

Specifically, I want the instruments for Sandstorm by DaRude and the vocals (or the instruments) for What is Love by Haddaway.

Well, asking the artists for the separate tracks is the only way in most cases. Of course, a lot of songs are distributed (sold) with their instrumental versions. A cappella versions are rarely released that way.

About the voice part, I really don’t know how effective it is to isolate and extract the voice samples from a mixed-down song, since I’ve never done it. But it is possible (do a search).

I have extract vocals (with professional software, keep in mind), but it sounds really bad even then. And, what do you mean the seperate tracks are distributed with songs?

Removing the vocals from a song is possible in audacity- though it doesn’t sound that great. Makes the instruments sound muffled.

You read wrong?

I know, I have tried it and gotten…poor results.:rolleyes:

Uh, yes.:stuck_out_tongue:

I have tried seperating the vocals and the instruments and it is difficult… I know of no real way of doing cleanly… So I don’t know… I can find filters that allow you to get a certain frequency range and extract it… so it is kind of the reverse of noise reduction…

But to do it cleanly, either the recording company has them seperated… or they have some high end programs, and a lot of time…

I am guessing that everything is recorded seperately.

Maybe I could try to contact someone who has made a remix, and ask if I can get the seperate tracks from them…

I watched some Live recording sessions, particularly of Audioslave, and they recorded the vocals and the drums, guitars, and bass seperatly (so they could fix the main singers pitiful singing).

Ya, in other words, the formats they use are lossless. :wink:

It’s not so much a matter of using a lossless format than using multitrack recordings.


Hey guys,
I’m an engineer so this topic is right up my alley.:slight_smile: You’ve got it right. In order to do a remix correctly is to aquire the raw tracks and start from scratch. You would also need approval from the artist and the company that own/produced the recorded tracks. Another example of remix is to record specific sample clips out of the finished 2track and compile them with your own original material, which is done alot with hiphop/rap. You would still need to get permission to do this if the material is still under copywrite. Especially if you intend to release your work for monitary gain. Some older material can be used freely if the copyrite has become open domain, but you should be really careful with this.


Thanks for the info.

Do you think a song made in 1993 would be ok to edit? I wouldn’t sell the remix or anything. But I still wouldn’t know where to get the seperate tracks.

You shouldn’t have much trouble with a song 13 years old, but some companies/artists are touchy about the unauthorized distribution and use of their creations and hard work. Metalica is a prime example.:wink: Most major copywrites expire after seven years but can be renewed.
If I were you, I would look at the recording and find some contact info. It never hurts to ask and most artists/companies would be glad you did.

Good luck. If I can help further, let me know~

The author of the song is Haddaway, and there appears to be no contact info. I really want that acapella (the song is “What is love”)!

I’ll keep looking though.