How bake an action in version 2.4.7 ?

Hi all,

Two days ago, I still had Blender 245, but yersterday I saw the 247 was here… Now I’ve downloaded and installed this version, I wanted to continue my learning of blender, how to apply some tips I’ve learned under max etc… wathever, at a moment I wanted to bake an action, but i saw there weren’t Bake button in action editor anymore, I searched in the menus but nothing… So I wonder now how bake actions in this version… Do you know it ?

The desperate missing button :frowning: :

Just when u get use to one version another one hits u in the face. But it’s just so tempting to get the new one.

Hell you’re right ! I think i’ll go back to 245 until I know how to bake actions in the new one :slight_smile: