How Basic is this model?

I just wanted to ask , how basic , this model is :slight_smile:

Very basic.

What do you think how much time it took to create this model.

With that resolution and details visible, around 5 minutes.

Odd sort of question. Are you entering some kind of contest, and β€˜basic’ is one of the categories? Actually, belay that. Answer this, instead:

What are you really trying to find out by asking this question?

I take it that you personally are ashamed to be associated with it, otherwise you would have added sufficient lighting to the scene for the model to be seen and rendered to a size larger than a postage stamp.

Truthfully it looks like a good start and a good blockout. You have all the major parts of a tank there, Now looks like its a good time to hit up wiki, and scour the internet for ref material. Both images and plans (such as can be found without a felony ) And go about that artistic process of making your model less bad

Try using reference images either to observe or directly trace when it comes to objects like this.
Think large meshes and shapes down to the finer details.

10 GOTO 10

thats how BASIC that model is