How big can you go?

OK, I’m new to Blender, still learning the basics. Working in the 3D-view, I’ve created a tower, about 120m high, by extruding a cylinder, making steps in by extruding in x and y, the usual stuff. 120m is big so I, naturally, backed off so that I can see it all. Actually, I backed off to around 500m and the tower dissolves into the mist. I then moved the camera back to around 120m and what I assume are lens effects appear in the camera view (Num0) and the tower appears distorted…

So basically, I’m probably doing it all wrong, misunderstand the interface and all that. So my specific question is, how big can I make things? If I shrink stuff to, say, 20m will these issues go away? If not, can someone explain what I’m doing wrong? I’ve seen fiendishly complicated images that would require a very large scene or very delicate work at large magnifications. Can someone please advise me?

Welcome to BlenderArtists!

Blender has a feature for both the camera and viewport where you can set the draw distance. This is the distance for objects to be rendered before Blender considers it not there.

Viewport draw distance:

Camera draw distance:

Also, you can model everything in their correct scaling quite fine, instead of having to change it to something smaller.

Thank you! I will investigate that.