How big should things be?

I ran into a somewhat trivial looking problem. I modelled a simple scene and as it is a exterior scene, I thought I make things big. So my a terraceground for example is now 60x60 blender units large. I wouldn’t have asked this question here, if this did not create some difficulties. I had to learn about camera clipping values, becausethings were clipped outside the boundaries.

From the default camera clipping values, I got the impression, that things are usually kept rather small in Blender. But then again I am free to crank the clipping up to 5000 blender units.

I must say, I am a bit confused about this and as I am new to Blender and want to learn everything the correct way from the start, I wonder how Blenderunits can be viewed in conclusion to real world measures.

Can one say that a blenderunit is usually 1 meter, 1 centimeter, a mile… or what? Is there a rough guideline?

I hope I got this question asked in a understandable way as english is not my native language.

Thanks in advance


The game engine assumes one bu is one meter, but other than that you’re free to choose it to be whatever you want. Keep in mind though that certain external renderers (like indigo) also assumes that one bu is one meter (but in the indigo exporter, this can be compensated with changing the world scale)

Thanks for the reply. So I’ll keep it 1 meter == 1 BU. So my terrace is now 60 squaremeters big. LOL