How Blender Code is Organized?

I found the diagram here, and I’ve browsed through the application code docs here

Are there other sources for information about how Blender’s code is organized? Perhaps something that isn’t so obvious from a simple Google search?

Mostly, I’m interested in the code that bridges between Blender and the OS it’s running on. Things like:

  • window characteristics (height, width, etc.)
  • how Blender keeps track of folders it’s been pointed at

Hi Sackadoo. On the tracking of recent folders this grep search should help.
You can modify the search string in the link / address bar or use the search box from the above link to find your way for the window characteristics stuff.

Thanks for taking an interest in coding for Blender, and keep us posted.

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the Glue between blender and the OS can be found in blender\intern\ghost

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