How bout a slicing generator script?

Has anyone made a slicing generator script for blender2.49 yet? Cause that would be really useful for the game engine. The slicing generator script would let you be able to slice an object like a cube and then use it to animate someone cutting the cube up with a sword. It would be nice for the game engine to have some realistic sword slicing.

But if there’s already a method for cutting or slicing objects in half or diagonaly than I’d like to see it cause it would be really useful for me to use.

there is 2 scripts that can do something like that

1 - the plane knife

look into wiki list of script

2 - there is another one called cross section
which shows a cross section of a model anywhere inside that object

but only the cross section - it does not cut into 2 parts
only show the cross section


Thanks your animated normal map tutorial really help I wish all other tutorials were like yours

I strongly second this as it has allready been done by ben in a non bge demo :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you could try to use booleans with a plane …