How can beginner learn about shaders and 2d filters for UPBGE

I have several questions about 2D filters for UPBGE and how they work.

  1. Are they only useable in UPBGE 2 and below or can they work in 3.0?
    I have seen some cool ones on here but none of them seem to be made for or work in 3.0.

  2. What are they for? They can be cool even beautiful but what all do they do is there a
    speed advantage using 2D_filters over other possible methods? Is it a hidden world that opens up my possibilitys otherwise hidden to those who do not use them.

  3. How would you learn to make them?
    Is it worth learning if I learned Shaders and OpenGl will it work in UPBGE and other game engines I might use.

filters work on the input - output principle, the entered information is processed by your video card and the effect/effects are applied to the scene - at the final renderer. why do you need 2d filters in version 0.3.0? there are also so-called graphics nodes with which you can create what you need. Shaders work much better compared to trying to simulate them in other ways - for example, generating procedural dynamic clouds, or the effect of solar lens glare The question of learning the shader language depends on you - how can someone decide for you what you need in the game and what you don’t? for example, here is a website, some examples from it immediately work in the game / and some need to be redone and thoroughly and understanding what you are doing, but the result that you will get if successful will give you a huge number of advantages - from imitation of lighting by delayed lighting to procedural generation of planets

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Thanks for advice. By should I learn shaders I was asking if it could have benefits that out weigh the time used learning it. Not quite if my game needs it to function. As for why I would want to use them in upbge 3.0 there where several rendering options I flipped off because they lowered the framerate too much. I was curious if shaders can be a possibility less intensive option to still get good graphics. I will look at the link to see what I might learn.
Thank you.

The work of shaders depends on how you write them and which version of the shader your graphics card supports, the shader is a filter - which changes the standard rendering of the game scene - definitely with a combination of shaders your game will look and work better - but provided that your shader does not use complex calculations and the shader version is supported - follow the link that I give you I threw off I found beautiful procedural volumetric clouds, but if you go into them, the fps dropped to 8-12 frames, apparently, when approaching, the complexity of calculations per pixel increased and the shader, even being beautiful, spoiled the gameplay

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Ah thank you. Maybe shaders is not for me yet my computer doesn’t seem to have a great gpu at least I can really find the option to use it in blender. To render I use my cpu.

1.blend (650.5 KB)
2.blend (654.3 KB)
2exp1.blend (655.4 KB)
2exp3.blend (692.8 KB)
Uploading: 2exp4.blend…

2exp6.blend (698.0 KB)
2exp4.blend1 (690.6 KB)
2exp5.blend (693.7 KB)
2exp6.blend (698.0 KB)
2exp7.blend (702.9 KB)

2exp8.blend (752.8 KB)
this examples help you understand how use GLSL filtres in 2Dfilters actuators - if you looking you understand - all glsl started witch main{} function all parts code - work for create change render

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Thanks for the help! do they only work in UPBGE2 I can’t seem to see a effect in 3?

yes its for UPBGE version 0.2.5 not for version 3 or higth

Well then I am going to have to try and make a game in that version at some point knowing this
Thanks for all the help.