How can do Apple Perspective illusion ad in Blender?

Hi, I’m a newbie in blender.
I did this in C4D but cant in blender
Can anybody please help me on how can I do in this in Blender, if possible explain it in detail.
Apple - Perspective

Thank you.

The part of the textures, you say?

First you create a material with a texture of what you want to have projected. The image should fit perfectly the output dimensions of your render. Not necessarily the resolution, but the proportions.

Then, you model the scene where the words will be projected. Subdivide the mesh so it has faces enough to receive the texture with minimum distortion possible.

Enter the in the camera view mode and position your camera in the place it should be when the words are perfectly formed.

Select all the faces of your mesh and then hit U to enter the unwrap dialog and select “project from view”, in the properties of the projection click on “camera bounds”.


That’s it.

Don’t forget to save the position and rotation of the camera to bring in there during the animation.


Perfect explanation Calandro. Thanks a lot.

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You are very welcome. :wink:

Sorry Calandro, I couldnt find where and when place the texture.

Well, you place the texture in the color input of the material you apply on the mesh.

Thank you very much Calandro