How can I affect just one plane inside an object in edit mode?

sorry im new.

I add a material but it affects the entire object.

I just want to make a window thats transparent with a light insde a room.

but I cant…dont know what to do…

I also cant add transprancy shader but a red line is between principal bsdf and material output.


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thx let me give it a try :).

so if I assign something to an object , doenst matter if it in object or edit mode?!

you can’t assign other material, if you are not in edit mode.

mark the post solved if this is the answer. :slight_smile:

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ok so assign is when u are in edit mode? ok thx bro :grinning:

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Call me dad. … i’m 52 years old… :grinning:

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ok dad, im 42.

ur my sempài then.

I did AT LAST 1 window…took me like 1 hour watching tuts in youtube.

one problem was I was using CYCLES render and the tuts were in EEVE…thats why I could find the options.

now all the tuts I see must be in cycles. I prefer it.

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