How can I affected the visiblity of text.

After some advice from members of this forum I was able to affect the visibility of object.
Turn the little eye icon off & mark it as keyframe, go to the next frame of choice, turn it back on and mark it again as a keyframe.

I got this. The spheres turn on after the animation has started. Good.

However I was trying to do that with text. And while it works while animating in blender. vanishes off/on.
Once I went to render its visibility was not affected. It always rendered.

Was wondering why or if anyone could offer some advice.
I wonted the text to only be visible in the last 50 frames.

I think you are animating an edit mode visibility not a render visibility. Try animating its change to another layer or it’s material opacity value.

ok. will give it a shot.
But I was in object mode. oh well.

This animates the visibility of the object in the view port. To animate the rendering of an object, do the same thing with the camera icon in the outliner…


btw. went to check out your vse blog. Looks neat will look forward to using it.

Thank you Randy will go and try it out.
But I guess I was also puzzled as to why it affect the visibility or a sphere, but not the text (either in original text format or once I turned it to a mesh)