How can I animate mechs attack drones? ie Funnel from gundam or Penny's Floating Array from RWBY

Hi, I’ve started working with Blender recently and after getting my feets wet, I want to try something less simple. I want to animate “Attack drones”, the kind use in gundam or other anime. I’ve did some research prior, but the only response I’ve receive is to use paths. But wouldn’t using only paths result in a more stiff and limited animation? Now I’m just lost about where to start.


  • #1 Penny’s Floating Array - RWBY
  • #2 Zero-One Shine System - Kamen Rider Zero-One
  • date-a-live-origami

Please help!

In your example, those knife things are moving in straight lines. They look more dynamic than that because of the camera, the timing, the anticipation… all the other elements of animation. The motions of animation are simple. What makes a convincing or engaging animation is how you present it.

So… yeah, that’s my answer, if an animation looks stiff and limited, it’s because of the presentation thereof. One of the biggest factors that makes animation look good is timing, too fast or too slow or weirdly paced and it will always look bad, for example.

Give this a watch: