How can I animate my character hands ? the left hand should touch and object that the right hand

I tried it in unity3d because my character is in unity3d but I can’t get to do it. so I thought to try to animate the hands rig using blender.

This is a screenshot of my character and on his right hand he is holding an object.

The object the character is holding on the right hand is the NAVI.
You can see the NAVI in the hierarchy.

What I want to do is to animate the left hand to get closer to the right hand and the right hand to be animated too a bit high in the end to create some kind of short scene clip of the left hand touch the object in the right hand and activating it turn it on/off. something like that.

It does not matter now what it will do in the end turn it on off break it or anything else. The idea is to animate the left hand to touch the object in the right hand.