How can I animate pieces of mesh almost like a flicker?


How can I animate a couple of planes, so one is timed to animate as a disappearing motion?

So ‘I’ key for Location keyframe, I would guess, then, five or ten frames next, then it disappears to reveal the other plane which has a different colour.


If you are using two separate meshes, you can just scale the one down to 0 on all 3 axes to make it disappear.

Well, I want to time it with eventual use of sound. So the animation is one task, the next is using the Game Engine with that animated mesh.

I tried a keyboard, And, Action.

With a flipper option so that would animate an object from 0-21 frames and back again after the key has been pressed. Action does have the L and Add tabs clicked, as it doesn’t work without them or Add in particular.

The object does disappear, but doesn’t return. What could be the cause of that?