How can I animate this storyboard?

I made 8 different ‘frames’, one wihout the clover at all, another with the stem, the next with the first line on the leafe, then the next, etc. I don’t know how I could animate this. Help me out? I was planning on trying to make it in After Effects, but I am open to any software.


if they are seperate image files, it will be easy using blender. If they are a single file, first crop them. Then you go into blender, open up the video sequence editor, and use hotkey shift A, then browse for, and open your first image. slide it ( it will be represented by a bar ) into place ( at frame 1, I am assuming ) and use the right handle to shorten or lengthen it so it ends on the correct frame. then just repeat this process with the other images, then render the sequence. i think you have to click ’ do sequence ’ in the render buttons, as well as setting the output dimensions, file format, and output directory ( the folder to render the images to ).
( edit: sorry if my explanation was a bit sparse, just say something if you get stuck )

Thanks for the reply! These are the separate images I have made. I don’t think they are enough to produce the animation the logo-designer had in mind. Hmm… I was thinking there would be some way to do the ‘stabbing’ motion of the stem with after effects some how… and then some kind of build effect for the leaves. But I have no idea how to do it :o

There is this.
You could use the build modifier or a animated alpha mask or key frames.
key frames below . V key to rip verts.

hi, off the point but still relates to storyboard. Do you know any forum or website that I could input my storyboard to share with others and recieves critics on storyboard? thanks

You might be able to do it with masks in Blender. I made an example here.