How can I apply brushed metal texture on a ring-shaped object in Eevee?

Hello, I want to make a brushed metal texture on the most outer ring, but the brushed “lines” go to one direction and not around the ring.

Here’s how my UV unwrap looks like, and on the right there is the problem:

How I marked the seams (I also tried leaving just the outer most seam, the result was the same):

And my shader nodes (ignore the disconnected ones, I was experimenting):

wave texture will give you rings

like this?

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It looks much closer but I can’t get rid of this circular pattern I seem to get on top right of the ring.

have a look at my mapping node you’lle need -.05 X -.05 Y

That should center it

It looks much more better now but still there is that circular pattern thing. I tried UV unwrapping with all available options, applying scale, rotation, location, recalculated normals, rechecked the object’s origin, out of ideas…

For these types of setups I tend to go with procedural brushing. For UV’s it’s a seam in the other direction - in the “seam direction” of where a repeating pattern would repeat. Reset one quad, make the others follow that quad, then fit it into the full UV space. I use the H color component output of the voronoi color output (which is centered around 0.5), subtract 0.5 to get it centered around 0, then multiply with how much “spread” I want around that angle, typically small. Use radial tangents when you can - here I’m using UV based tangents which can have shading issues but sometimes you just have to.

At the beginning I’m doing a mapping trick - 2D UV → 3D Cylindrical - to allow seamless generators since we don’t have those builtin. This was quick and dirty, hope I didn’t mess up anything.