How can I assign my sky texture?


I´m trying to assign an image to a plane, but it won´t work. Here´s what I did:
First I added the plane, sized it, placed it then gave it a new material. When I then go to the texture settings and try to add my texture, there´s just the brush in the dropdown menu and I could choose from “brush” or “brush masked”. Ignoring that, cause I recall it to be usually set right, I click “new texture”, then change the texture type to “image or movie” and load my .png image via the “open” button.
At this point the image I loaded should show in the material preview, right?
Also when I render, the plane is just grey still.

What have I done wrong or what can I do?

Blender internal or cycles? you may need to uv unwrap your plane, such as top view and then project from view.
You can activate an add-on called image as plane. this makes the whole process easier

I was trying it in cycles.
Sry, did you mean add-on?

yeh i’ve edited my post, refresh it.

Thank you sir, that worked pretty well! Just did what I thought you´re tell me while you edited your post and it worked. I only missed the operator panel when I added the image.
Thanks again!

thats ok dude! XD

Could you edit the prefix to the title of your post so that it says ‘SOLVED’? Thanks.

Sorry, I couldn´t find out how to do that.