How can I "bake" modifiers (displace, cast, deform)? Can I bake without location?


New to blender here and have a weird question :slight_smile:

Im playing with modifiers on a sphere, namely displace and cast. I was able to make a very weird organic shape, and have texture place on global, so when i scale or move the location of the object, the mesh shifts, changes, pulses, and does lots of cool things. Theres some issues with this i dont know how to solve when trying to export it to use it as an asset in a game:

  1. so when I move the object it makes cool effects that i want to happen to the object, but I dont want the object to actually move in the end when I export it. As in, it needs to move in blender for the effects to happen, but i dont want the object to end up moving in Unity as i want to be able to control it, so essentially i want the by-product effects of the moving, without the actual moving. So in this case, how do I “bake” these effects so that it essentially becomes its own mesh/model or whatever and doesnt need to be moved for the effects to keep rotating.

  2. linked to the issue above, i want to be able to rotate the object, so its pulsing and has the effects baked into it, but when i rotate it because its modifiers and the texture is global, rotating the object doesnt actually rotate anything but the texture within the object, not the overall shape. so again the issue here is i guess i want to bake the effects animation into a new object/whatever without being constricted by the location and such.

ive been trying to export my object as is with the modifiers, (fbx, 6.1) but in unity its not actually doing any of the effects, its just the animation of the mesh moving from side to side.

this is a link of the effects im trying to accomplish (but again, i dont want the animation to include the moving along the axis) and also what happens when i rotate the object



use object in place of global
for exporting to a game engine you probably need to bake to alembic, then I don’t know whether unity can read alembic, you gotta try

when i switched to object, it wasnt doing the effects anymore it stayed the same