How can I better edit this 3D mansion in is slow

I am trying to edit this 3D model of a mansion in blender but even selecting vertices is slow I have and i5 processor with the 1650 TI video card in my laptop NVIDIA. The 3D object is about two and a half million triangles I downloaded it off of sketchfab. Can somebody take a look at my blender file and help me figure out how I could work on this better IE select vertices quicker it takes maybe 10 seconds or five seconds to select a vertex. Here is an example of what I’m working on in picture format the blender file is below. Thanks in advance for any help thank you

I can’t even go into edit mode on the LTS release of Blender. How did you generate this export? Could you change the export to put linked vertices into their own objects, instead of a single huge object? This isn’t a typical Blender scene. It’s more like a video game level. If you cannot get a better export, your best bet is finding a script to clean up the data.

Thank you so much

The main problem is that all the different objects have been merged into one huge one with over 2 million verts. Most of that geometry is due to the leaves in the bushes trees etc.

If you go to edit mode and look mat the material slots select the leaves material slots (one at a time) then select their assigned verts. Go to the object menu and separate – selected. If you do this for all the leaf materials you will have much more manageable objects for edit mode.

The buisson_buisson_branche_texture.001 has over a million verts assigned, (the leaves on the bushes) separating that one on its own will speed things up!