How can i blend this three layers? + Screenshots

Hi guys. I rendered separately composit of my animation and black and white alpha of my animation and exported it in Photoshop. So you can see on the screenshot that i have three layers. 1 and 3 - colorful and they are the same and 2 (on the middle - black and white alpha. So this this 3 sequences of images (and they are smart ). What i want to use alpha for is to mask out the effect (noise removing) which i want to apply to the space station. So the Earth shall not be affected, only - space station. Top layer (which already has the effect) i set to multiply blend (which is not good because its darkened my Earth and second layer i set to Exclusion which is sort of works. But Multiply is not good - in Blender we can do it by using factor of the mix node to define what is black and what is white but in photoshop (for the animations ) i think the only choise is to use Blend modes because vector masks or layer masks not working for animations in photoshop (i can be wrong though). So how can i blend this properly so my image will not be affected - darkened or lightened and to have effect applied only to the space station ?

Thats solved now. I converted layers to smart filters but had also to convert video groups to smart objects. Now everything works fine!

You know that this is a Blender focused support board? Perhaps this sort of question is better suited to the Other Software sub board?

Yes but many Blender users are using Photoshop so i thought i will get a quick answer here but i was wrong. Then i went to the photoshops phorum and got right answer in 5 minutes time. So next time will go there with such questions