How can i block light?

I put a spotlight inside of a housing. I want the housing to cut off the light and create a beam, like a flashlight does to a bulb. How can you put an object in front of a light and have it block out the light? I know how to create shadows and volumetric shadows, but say i have a spotlight and i put a cube directly in front of it. Why doesn’t it block out the light?

Um. It does.
You do have ray shadows enabled on your spot, right? I’m assuming you do, since you said you know how to make shadows.
This is confusing.

Can you post a blend or a render?

This is just a simple demonstration of what i’m doing. I put the spotlight inside the housing, but the halo still shines through. buffer shadow still seems to produce shadows.


Spotlight.blend (137 KB)


You need to reduce the ClipStart value and reduce Halo Step to 1. You can also narrow your spotlight beam.


Spotlight_altered.blend (139 KB)

Thanks, that helps, but still somethings not completely right. Say i put the light inside a cube. Light still manages to shine through. Also, what if i want to get more of a beam effect? You can’t widen the base of the spotlight, or can you? The housing was intended to directionalize the light more.


Here’s the light inside a box (you need to create the inner walls of the box for it to work right), and something more akin to a beam effect, made by elongating the barrel of the housing.


Spotlight_altered_inside_box.blend (140 KB)Spotlight_altered_beam.blend (140 KB)

Aha, ok, thank you.