How can I bring back past work?

Hello, this is my first post as a beginner and I recently accidently deleted hours of work that I hid and then closed the app not realizing and this happened around 1 or 2 days ago, is there any way to bring back past versions of the file or any other way to recover it or is it just lost forever? Any help is appreciated, and have a great day.

Have you tried File>Recover>Autosave (assuming autosave is turned on?).

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Hello @embrace_shorty !

Autosave is one way, you can try to open the .blend1 file, next to your original also,
But if you have done multiple save and waited some time while keeping blender open then it’s probably lost …

These things appends some time, the best is to do some backup and versioning files regularly …

Bro you are a life saver tysm I didn’t even know about that :open_mouth:


Cool. Happy to help :grin: