How can I change a revisited level?

Hello! I want to revisit a level later in my game from a different entrance. Unfortunately, when I change the copy of the scene, the original scene changes as well.

For the player rig, I have to Add new scene by type: Link Objects. Otherwise, the gun disappears [I’m using ThaTimst3r’s FPS player rig from his YouTube series].

I’ve tried: various Add new scene by type, ctrl L, dragging items from the Outliner and combinations of these.

I appreciate any help.

Thanks for replying. Sorry I’m not clear enough. My goal is to copy a scene to another scene without linking.

Scene 1 building, scene 2 street, scene 3 same building only changed. The player exits the building, does something on the street, then returns to the same building from a different entrance. My problem is with spawning in a different place in the building in scene three. When I move the player rig [or the level’s meshes] in the third scene, they are moved in the first also.

An extra complication, the player rig seems to need to be linked.

P.S. I’ve also tried Appending the level from a duplicate .blend.

You do not need linking, but you can do (as the object is pretty much the same). I suggest to use a saveload system as I described above. You do not need a full-fledged saveload system as you just set the position and orientation of a single object.

When entering the scene check where the character should be and adjust the position accordingly. Due to the dynamic nature of this operation you have to do that via Python.

the bge.logic.globalDict can help u cuz it remains the same all the time , put empties on the places you expect your player to initialize at .

Thank you.